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Is Planned Parenthood Connected With The Girl Scouts?

If you know anything about the Girl Scouts—besides being aware that cute little girls in uniforms sucker you into breaking your diet with their delicious cookies once a year—than you know that the organization is completely liberal, as in connected to George Soros and Media Matters liberal. So, the Girl Scouts recent ties to Planned Parenthood, although shocking, shouldn’t be surprising.

Per a piece originally posted in the Washington Times by Cathy Cleaver Ruse, the Girl Scouts attended a “no adults allowed” workshop at the United Nations where the “Planned Parenthood sex brochure ‘Healthy, Happy, and Hot’ was offered.”

The Planned Parenthood sex guide offered at that “girls only” U.N. meeting offered this advice on Page 11: “Some people have sex when they have been drinking alcohol or using drugs. This is your choice. … If you want to have sex and think you might get drunk or high, plan ahead by bringing condoms and lube or putting them close to where you usually have sex.”

That same “sex guide” also informs youth that it’s your “right” to hide positive HIV status from your sexual partners.

The Girl Scouts maintain that they “had no knowledge of the brochure in question [“Healthy, Happy and Hot”] and played no role in distributing it.”

The organization also declared 2012 as “’The Year of the Girl,’ announcing that they will be ‘working to break down societal barriers that prevent girls from leading in their own lives.’” The specific talk of “barriers” and “preventing girls from leading in their own lives” is language commonly used when discussing sex and abortion, points out Cleaver Ruse.

Furthermore, it was reported that just this month an employee of the Girl Scouts, Renise Rodriguez, was ordered “to turn her shirt inside out or leave the office” when a supervisor saw the young employee wearing a “Pray to End Abortion” t-shirt at the office where she was planning to do some “extra work on her own time.” Rodriguez reportedly left and never came back.

So besides already well-known overtly liberal political stances of the Girl Scouts, parents and all those involved in the organization should be aware of just how deep this ideology reigns; namely its troubling and undeniable ties to Planned Parenthood. Perhaps the next time you feel obliged to “help the youth” or frankly, give-in to your diet by buying an absurd amount of shortbread cookies, you should reconsider.

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