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Planned Parenthood Appears To Tweet Out Threat Against GOP In Wake Of FBI Kavanaugh Report

By  Emily Zanotti

Plenty of left-leaning government officials and political activists are, no doubt, marshaling their troops ahead of a contentious Supreme Court confirmation vote, but Planned Parenthood Action took their “action” a step further, warning senators who vote “yes” on Kavanaugh to watch their backs.

In a truly chilling tweet, Planned Parenthood Action seemed to indicate they’re expanding their victim base to the already-born.

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Errrrr … okay.

Planned Parenthood has spent nearly a million dollars in a campaign to “#StopKavanaugh,” under the premise that Kavanaugh represents the fifth Supreme Court vote needed to overturn the landmark abortion ruling, Roe v. Wade. In his initial confirmation hearings, Kavanaugh wasn’t very clear on the subject of abortion jurisprudence — deliberately, of course, since any indication of his intent to rule one way or the other could get him disqualified from sitting on the case — but Planned Parenthood took decisive action anyway.

Now, it seems, they’re not just interested in spending money, they’re interested in what we might call being a “stage-five clinger.” They’ll find you.

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