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Planned Parenthood Affiliate Tweets About Transgenders: ‘Some Men Have A Uterus.’

Planned Parenthood has been experiencing something of a business downturn; prenatal care (which they don’t really do much of) is down a whopping 75%, and the core moneymaker of their model, contraception, is down around 30%. So, it seems, they’re looking to expand their consumer base.

This weekend, Planned Parenthood affiliates in Kentucky and Indiana tried to educate the public on their new expansion, proudly announcing that, yes, men have uteruses, too.

They didn’t follow up the tweet with, say, an explanation of precisely what they meant, or exactly how an establishment that provides largely uterus-specific medical care could be so off the mark on basic biology. They just tweeted “Some men have a uterus” eleven times and then left it at that, likely believing that something so obvious required no evidentiary support.

Clearly, Planned Parenthood is referring to female-to-male transgender individuals because, aside from a few freakish textbook illnesses, men don’t usually develop female anatomy. But even that attempt at intersectionality seems ill-advised. After all, post-op transgender individuals would have constructed male anatomy. Pre-op transgender individuals might have female genitals, but they wouldn’t, officially, be men. Male-to-female transgender individuals don’t usually get a uterus as part of the deal.

Sooooo . . . exactly who is Planned Parenthood appealing to? Maybe just the limited number of individuals who happen to be female but identify as male. Who, honestly, still aren’t men. And saying it eleven times in a row isn’t going to magically make it true.

But at least Planned Parenthood seems super woke, right?

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