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Piers Blasts Obama For Birthday Bash: ‘Shamefully Selfish,’ ‘Incredibly Reckless’
BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 25: Piers Morgan attends the 2019 British Academy Britannia Awards presented by American Airlines and Jaguar Land Rover at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on October 25, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California.

Piers Morgan blasted former President Barack Obama on Monday for planning to host a 60th birthday bash for himself on Martha’s Vineyard for roughly 500 people, calling it “shamefully selfish” and “incredibly reckless.”

Morgan started by asking how Obama’s party would be treated if it were being hosted by former President Donald Trump, writing:

The biggest test in these hyper partisan days is to switch names on any breaking news story involving a politician and see if the same criticism still applies. So, imagine for a moment that Donald Trump was throwing a massive birthday party for himself and 475 conservative friends in Martha’s Vineyard next weekend? What do you think the reaction would be from liberals, given that America is currently in the grip of a very dangerous new phase of the coronavirus pandemic with the Delta variant of COVID that has seen infections rise 148% in the past two weeks and hospitalizations by 73%?

“I think we all know what Trump’s liberal critics would say: that it’s shamefully selfish, incredibly reckless, and a former President of the United States should be setting a better example to the American people at such a perilous time for the country,” Morgan posited, adding, “And they would be right. But it’s not President Trump who is having the party, it’s President Barack Obama.”

After detailing the specifics of the party and the concerns of U.S. health chiefs about the Delta variant and his own experience in getting the virus after he had been vaccinated, commenting that his recovery showed that the “vaccines work astoundingly well in preventing serious illness. I thank God that I got jabbed,” he pointed out, “What the sequence of events also showed me is that no mass gathering is ‘COVID-safe.’”

“Frankly, the optics of this event couldn’t be worse for someone like Obama who’s always prided himself on take public health very seriously and leading by example,” Morgan noted. “In May, he posted a video of himself visiting a COVID vaccination center in Greenbelt, MD, and congratulating those there on ‘being good citizens.’ But there’s nothing ‘good citizen’ about hosting a weekend of self-congratulatory birthday celebrations for 700 people in the middle of a deadly new COVID surge.”

“And it couldn’t come at a worse time,” Morgan wrote. “Yet at the precise moment America’s most high-profile leaders should be setting a good example, Barack Obama is doing the complete opposite.”

“Axios reported he’s asked guests that in lieu of gifts they ‘consider giving to programs that work to support boys and young men of color, and their families here at home in the United States, empower adolescent girls around the world and equip the next generation of emerging community leaders,” Morgan reported, snapping, “A fine virtue-signaling gesture, doubtless designed to deflect criticism and make the liberal celebrity guests feel better about their complicity in this ill-advised event.”

Morgan concluded, “But if Obama really wants to support his fellow Americans, of any color, then he should be a good citizen and call off his party. If he doesn’t, he will encourage many skeptical unvaccinated Americans to continue refusing to have the shot at the precise moment when it’s desperately important they have it. Put bluntly: he will cost lives. Cancel your party, Mr. President.”

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