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PICTURES: Putin SMACKS Obama, LAUGHS At Him Over Syria

President Obama is the laughingstock of the entire world. For seven years now, the man representing the United States abroad has been mocked, humiliated and dismissed by world leaders from Tehran to Beijing. At the G20 summit in China, we once again saw the all-too-familiar sight of the president being slighted and humiliated. After the Chinese forced Obama and his delegation to step off Air Force One out of the backdoor entrance, other foreign officials joined the chorus of derision against the leader of the world’s only superpower.

President Obama’s highly-publicized meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin was essentially a 90-minute farce. The Russians clearly had no intention of agreeing to a cease-fire between the warring parties in Syria, but they still decided to take the Americans for a ride.

On more than one occasion, Putin was photographed smirking at Obama like a bully who just took some kid’s lunch money.

Despite Putin’s smaller stature, he still came off like the stronger man, a man that effectively annexed Crimea, seized Syrian airspace, and sold arms to the Iranians.

This much is clear. The United States of America is no longer respected on the world stage.

When the President of the Philippines, the leader of a former US colony with a virtually non-existent military and negligible GDP, is calling you “the son of a wh**e,” then maybe just maybe the international community no longer sees you as the leader of the free world.

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