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Peter Doocy Challenges Psaki On Crime: Does Biden Know The American People Do Not ‘Feel Safe’?
DAVENPORT, IOWA - JANUARY 28: Peter Doocy, a Fox News reporter, stands for a portrait before a campaign event for former vice president Joe Biden at Jeno's Little Hungary in Davenport, IA on January 28, 2020. (Photo by Carolyn Van Houten/The Washington Post via Getty Images)
Carolyn Van Houten/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy challenged White House press secretary Jen Psaki during Monday’s scheduled press briefing, asking her directly whether President Joe Biden understood how rising crime was impacting people all across the country.

Doocy began by asking Psaki whether she agreed that keeping the American people safe was the primary responsibility of any president — Biden included — and Psaki agreed.

“On crime, to follow up on what Ed was asking about: Would you agree the most important job for any president is to keep Americans safe?” Doocy asked.

“I would agree,” Psaki replied.

“So, you said that the president is never satisfied if people don’t feel safe. Does he know after a year in office people do not feel safe in this country?” Doocy pressed.

Psaki countered with a question of her own, asking whether Doocy would agree that the United States had seen a recent surge in crime over the last two years.

“So, what are you attributing the rise in crime to then?” Doocy asked.

“Well, I think we should be responsible in how we are reporting to the public what the — what the roles are, what the reasons for the surge in crime. Gun violence is a huge reason for the surge in crime. Underfunding of some police departments and their need for additional resources, something the president has advocated for consistently through the course of his career, that’s something we know we need to take action on. And it is absolutely true that he will not be satisfied or complacent when officers are being gunned down or when Americans have to worry about whether they can safely ride the subway or bus.”

“That should not be a political issue,” Psaki continued, saying that Biden had always been an advocate for more support and better funding for law enforcement in an effort to reduce crime.

Doocy pushed back, noting that murder rates had spiked and a number of cities nationwide had seen violent crime reach record highs but all Americans seemed to be hearing about from the Biden administration was what was being done to fight COVID-19.

“A rising murder rate is a risk to American people too, right?” he pressed.

“But does the President think that any of that is working?” Doocy pressed once more.

“The president thinks he should have a plan to address crime and gun violence, he has one and we look forward to working with people who support that effort,” Psaki replied.

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