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Pedophile Who Later Claimed To Be Transgender Sentenced To Life After Attacking Women In Women’s Prison

By  Hank Berrien

A convicted pedophile who declared he was a woman once he was in prison, then was jailed with other women, was sentenced to life by a British judge after the pedophile had attacked two women at the women’s prison.

Stephen Terence Wood, 52, who now calls himself Karen White and has been called a “predatory and controlling” rapist, had already been convicted of indecent assault, indecent exposure and gross indecency involving children, animal cruelty and dishonesty, according to The Guardian.

The British Ministry of Justice has apologized for transferring White to the female prison; the Ministry acknowledged it had not considered White’s previous history before moving him.

Judge Christopher Batty told White, “You are a predator and highly manipulative and in my view you are a danger. You represent a significant risk of serious harm to children, to women and to the general public.”

In 2001, White assaulted two boys aged nine and 12; in 2003, after exiting prison, he raped a pregnant woman — who happened to be the wife of a friend — after secretly spiking her drink, causing her to lose consciousness before he raped her. Although White was arrested, he was not prosecuted.

The victim told the court that her husband didn’t believe her, adding, “I have no relationships with anyone. I felt very dirty as a woman. I became very depressed. Even now 15 years on I still struggle with mental health and suffer horrendous flashbacks. Until 15 years ago I was a strong woman.”

In 2017 White was arrested after repeatedly stabbing his 66-year-old neighbor. White has admitted to probation officers he could abuse a child and “think nothing of it”.

Another woman claimed White had violently raped her five or six times in 2016.

Below is a picture of White as a woman:

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