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Pedophile Appears In Court. Victim’s Dad Sends Him To Hospital.

By  Ryan Saavedra

A convicted sex offender received an unpleasant surprise when he arrived in court for sentencing on August 22 when he was attacked by the father of one of his victims.

Donald Courtney Biggs, 40, pleaded guilty in February “to a felony count of transporting a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity in a case that the U.S. Attorney’s Office says involves at least two years of secret recordings of juveniles changing clothes, showering and using the bathroom in his home, on multiple church trips and at summer camps,” the Mail Tribune reported.

During the sentencing, 45-year-old Kevin Patrick Smith, who is reportedly the father of one of the victims, jumped over the railing and punched Biggs.

The hit knocked Biggs to the ground where he lay in the fetal position, and he ultimately landed in the hospital.

“Full force, just like Superman, it looked like he flew through the air right into him and just punched him,” witness Jacob Elkin said.

Smith — who was charged with obstructing governmental or judicial administration, fourth-degree assault and second-degree disorderly conduct — has had a fundraiser set up in his name.

A GoFundMe Page named “Hero punches pedophile” was set up for Smith with the goal of raising $5,000 — it’s already raised $13,255.

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