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Paul Ryan: Not Willing To Bet On Trump Right Now

By  Hank Berrien

Paul Ryan is not ready to bet on Donald Trump, not yet.

Speaking with Politico, Ryan doubled down on his wait-and-see approach with the prospective 2016 nominee. When asked if he would bet on a Trump victory in November, Ryan offered, “I’m not going to — I’m not a betting man.” He added, “I think if we get our party unified, and if we do the work we need to do to get ourselves at full strength, and if we offer the country a clear and compelling agenda that is inspiring, that is inclusive, that fixes problems, that is solutions-based and based on good principles, then, yes, I think we can win.”

Ryan kept emphasizing that he preferred unifying the GOP around a conservative message rather than a cult around Trump, arguing, “When people go to the polls in November, they are not just picking a person … they’re also picking a path… I think this is a ‘we,’ not just one person. I very much believe in a type and style of politics that may not be in vogue today but, I still think, nevertheless, is the right kind of politics.”

When Politico asked whether Ryan would remain firm about criticizing Trump when veered away from conservatism, Ryan replied, “I will. I’ve done that in the past, and I will do that in future if need be, and I hope it’s not necessary.” But he evaded a question as to whether the businessman was truly conservative “at his core,” answering, “You should ask him those questions. I’m not the person to be giving you the breakdown of Donald Trump. That’s not my job and responsibility.”

Ryan predicted there would be increasing numbers of “Trump Democrats,” an assertion that may be considerably misguided, but concentrated on delivering a realistic message. He recalled, “I think some people led others to believe that we could, for instance, get rid of Obamacare while Obama was in office. I think we allowed expectations to rise beyond our capabilities, and that demoralized not only our supporters, our constituents, but our members. And I have worked hard at trying to keep expectations rooted in reality so that we don’t oversell and underdeliver.”

Ryan, who first came to prominence in a guns-drawn confrontation with Barack Obama over Obamacare, seems himself as a consistent conservative; when asked about Obama, he replied, “I think he’s a very dogmatic, ideological person. He thinks I’m an ideological guy, too, and, you know, to a degree I am. I mean, I’m a conservative.”

“I very much believe in a type and style of politics that may not be in vogue today but, I still think, nevertheless, is the right kind of politics.”

Paul Ryan

Ryan held a more jaundiced view of Hillary Clinton than Bernie Sanders, saying of Clinton, “I don’t think she’s been successful in her own right, especially with foreign policy as secretary of state,” but opining of Sanders, “Look, as conservatives, we hate crony capitalism. We need to do a better job as Republicans, going after crony capitalism. … In a weird way, this is what Bernie Sanders is railing against, which is a rigged system.”

When Politico asked Ryan if Trump could change his typically belligerent tone, Ryan grinned, “Anything is possible.”

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