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Paul Highlights Law That Could Protect Trump In Impeachment Inquiry; Explains Kentucky Election Results

By  Ryan Saavedra
WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 12: Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) speaks during a press conference regarding the executive order President Donald Trump signed earlier on Thursday, on Capitol Hill, October 12, 2017 in Washington, DC. The executive order is intended for small businesses, and potentially individuals to be able to band together to get insurance in smaller groups, possibly across state lines.
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) broke down the recent election results in Kentucky during an interview on Sunday, explaining why he believes, contrary to the narrative in the media, there was actually a “red-wave” in the state. Also during the interview, Paul highlighted how existing U.S. law could actually protect President Donald Trump in the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into his July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“Let me start with the Kentucky results first, before we get into the events of later this week, just your initial reactions,” NBC “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd said. “Matt Bevin, do you see his loss as something bigger than Matt Bevin, about the Republican Party as a whole?”

“Well, when you look at all the races, there were six statewide races, we won five out of six. Republicans won five out of six,” Paul responded. “We did lose the governor’s race. We were disappointed in it. But the interesting thing is we beat a lot of other candidates that no one expected us to. So actually, in many ways, there was sort of a red wave in Kentucky.”

“I think it was mostly particularly about one race. And I think the teachers were very unhappy. He tried to fix the pension but got crossways with the teachers,” Paul continued. “And I think the teachers’ anger came out. But I think he was trying to do the right thing, which is save the pension for the teachers. But it’s tough. When you ask people to pay more to keep their pension in place, people get unhappy.”

Paul also highlighted that in some of the counties where Bevin lost, other Republicans who won in the election won in those counties by over 60%.

On the issue of impeachment, Paul noted that Americans want fairness and that they are not “going to judge fairness, when they’re accusing President Trump of the same thing Joe Biden did, threatening the aid, if some kind of corruption’s not investigated.”

“But if it were me, I wouldn’t give them the aid, because we don’t have the money,” Paul added. “We have to actually borrow the money from China to send it to Ukraine. So I’m against the aid. And I think it’s a mistake to do the aid.”

Paul then highlighted a defense of Trump’s actions that is likely to pick up steam in upcoming weeks, saying that current U.S. law prevents the U.S. from providing aid to corrupt countries, and so Trump would have to ask for an investigation into the Bidens, who Trump believes is corrupt, in order to be able to provide the aid.

“Foreign aid, by law, can only go out to countries that are not corrupt,” Paul said. “So, if you think that a country is acting in a corrupt way, a president can always withhold aid until the corruption is fixed. So, you’re going to have to get into the mind of Trump and his advisers and say, ‘Well, he didn’t really believe that the Bidens were corrupt.’ I think he absolutely does. I think you could give him a lie detector test and say, ‘Do you think the Bidens were corrupt? And do you think you were investigating corruption, and that corruption is in the law, that you can’t give aid to a country that has corruption?'”

“This ends up being a policy debate and a partisan debate,” Paul continued. “And it has nothing to do with legality or illegality or impeachment. It’s purely a partisan way of trying to overturn the election.”

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