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Partners in Peace: Hamas Releases Music Video Calling For Annihilation of Israel

Islamic Palestinian terrorist group Hamas has released a music video calling for the complete annihilation of the Jewish State.

The video is directed toward Jews as its ominous message is delivered in Hebrew. Here’s the clip, courtesy of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF):

“We’ve prepared all sorts of rockets that’ll hit you where you live,” hails the triumphant anthem as the video depicts “qassem10” rockets target the Israeli city of Tel Aviv. “If you’re not already killed, we can hold you captive,” the anthem’s speaker adds.

Throughout the video, Jews with yarmulkes are shown engaged in seemingly routine activities (or what radical Islamists see as Western occupations) as they have their heads blown off.

At one point, the head of an Orthodox Jew is shown impaled on a spike next to a glass of wine presumably filled with blood.

Other scenes show rockets flying across Gaza into Jewish cities marked by Israeli flags.

Say hello to Israel’s Palestinian partners in peace.