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Parkland Student Backs Out Of Debate With Pro-2A Student Citing ‘Personal’ Attack

By  Ryan Saavedra

On Monday, student gun control activist Cameron Kasky backed out of a debate on the issue with pro-Second Amendment student Kyle Kashuv because he claims that Kashuv made a “personal” attack.

After initially agreeing to debate Kashuv, Kasky tweeted his rationale for backing out:

“Kyle, I’ve enjoyed my discussion about gun laws with you so far, but after seeing this, I think I’m out. For personal reasons. I disagree on certain policies with some family members of some victims, but I never go after them, especially not like this. This is low.”

Kashuv apologized for the tweet, which, as The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro noted, was not “some sort of egregious sin” as Kashuv responded “to the argument of a victim’s family member in perfectly polite political fashion.”

Though Kasky cited the alleged personal attack as his reason for pulling out, like activist David Hogg, Kasky has repeatedly employed personal attacks in his promotion of gun control, including infamously comparing Marco Rubio to the Parkland shooter at CNN’s gun control town hall, suggesting NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch wanted his classmates dead and the NRA “loves” Sandy Hook and Columbine, and declaring that Rubio and Florida Gov. Rick Scott have blood on their hands: “It’s Rick Scott and Marco Rubio who allowed this to happen,” he said. “They’re enablers, and they — the blood of 17 people and all those injured and all the families that have been hurt — this is all them.”

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