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Palestinians Murder Rabbi Who Is Father Of Six. Murderer Will Be Well-Compensated By Palestinian Authority.

On Tuesday night, a 35-year-old Orthodox rabbi, Raziel Shevah, who was the father of six young children, was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist or terrorists in a drive-by shooting. Unlike civilized societies, in which the murder of innocent people is punished, the terrorist (or group of them responsible for the murder) will likely be rewarded by the Palestinian Authority, which has implicitly endorsed terrorism.

As the Italian journalist Giulio Meotti wrote:

The Palestinian terrorist will be captured. And this is what he will receive in prison for the rest of his life: € 2,500 a month, which in the PA areas is equivalent to keeping 20 people. For killing a Jew. Here is the “peace” they preach. Here are the “two states for two peoples.” … In 2017, the Palestinian Authority paid $360 million to terrorists in jails. It is the equivalent of 3 years of electricity for Gaza.

As noted in The Washington Post:

According to Palestinian laws passed in 2004 and amended in 2013, Palestinians and Israeli Arabs who are convicted of attacks in Israel (“participation in the struggle against the occupation”) are entitled to monthly “salaries” commencing with their arrest (and continuing for life for men who serve at least five years and women who serve at least two), along with additional cash grants and priority civil-service job placements upon their release.

In this lethal logic, the longer a prison sentence — really, the more deadly an attack — the more profitable the payout. Even toward the lower end of the scale, the salaries are more lucrative than most West Bank jobs. In accordance with Palestinian Authority Government Decision No. 32 of 2010, those imprisoned for three to five years, for instance, get $570 a month. And those committing crimes that result in prison sentences of at least 30 years receive salaries of more than $3,400 a month20 times the per capita income in the West Bank.

Shevah’s widow Yael stated that her husband wanted to be buried in the community where they were living, saying:

We decided together as a family to bury Raziel, my beloved husband, may God avenge his blood, in the community of Havat Gilad where he was active. Raziel asked that if something were ever to happen to him that he would be buried at Havat Gilad. That was his will. We honor his request and we will bury him in a community he loved and on whose behalf he acted. I call upon all the people of Israel to come and accompany Raziel in Havat Gilad in Samaria. This is my request.

On Wednesday, Shevah was buried in Havat Gilad; hundreds of people attended the funeral, including Education Minister Naftali Bennett, Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel, Chief Rabbi David Lau and Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Shlomo Amar.

Havat Gilad was established in 2002 in memory of Gilad Zar, the security coordinator of the Shomron Regional Council, who was shot dead in a Palestinian terrorist attack in 2001.

Immediately following Shevah’s murder, Israeli troops launched a manhunt in the area.

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