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Palestinian Official Newspaper Eulogizes Terrorist Who Murdered Jews At Olympics

The Palestinian Authority’s official newspaper is commemorating the death of Abu Hassan Salameh, the leader of the Fatah terror group Black September. The Islamic militant organization, backed by former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, was infamous for carrying out a barbaric attack against Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

The eulogy was featured in Wafa, the PA’s official news agency, ahead of Sunday’s anniversary of Salameh’s death. The terrorist was killed in a car bomb likely planted by Israeli Mossad agents in 1979.

While the article itself doesn’t mention the Munich massacre specifically, it honors Salameh’s “quality operations.”

Living as a “beloved leader” and dying as a “martyr,” Salameh is held up as a celebrity, perhaps even an idol, who deserves recognition for his contributions to the Palestinian cause.

Ironically, “Salameh, known as the ‘Red Prince’ for his flaunting of his wealth, was not even a Palestinian…He was born in Iraq, raised in Egypt and joined the PLO in Kuwait in 1964,” reports Algemeiner, citing Wafa.

The PA, Israel’s supposed “partner in peace,” is no stranger to pro-terrorist propaganda. As the so-called “moderate” faction of the Palestinian political project in the West Bank, the PA has been glorifying death and violence against Jews for decades.

From disseminating anti-Semitic literature in children’s schools to holding rallies honoring inhumane acts of terror, the Palestinian Authority has done everything in its power to dehumanize the Jewish people and propagate a narrative of self-victimization in which the hapless Palestinians are targeted for genocide by Nazi-like Israeli soldiers.

Sadly, this sick narrative has purchasing power. The world has bought into a finely tuned symphony of lies designed to strip the Jewish people of their eternal home in Israel.

Meanwhile, at home, the Palestinian leadership promotes terror, indoctrinating young susceptible youths at the expense of innocent Israelis.

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