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Outrage After ‘Will & Grace’ Jokes That John McCain And Lindsey Graham Have ‘Sexual Tension’

NBC’s “Will & Grace” — which celebrates a gay character — sure seems a bit homophobic.

In the show on Thursday, Eric McCormack’s character, Will, and Megan Mullaly’s Karen are seen looking at a computer screen to spy on Karen’s household staff. Will says two employees are sharing a “smoldering look.”

“I think they’re in love. That’s sexual tension. It’s the same look Lindsey Graham gives John McCain,” Will said.

Sen. McCain is currently undergoing treatment for brain cancer. McCain has been pals with Graham, both Republicans, for years and, yes, their paldom has been called a “bromance” once or twice.

Several media watchdogs ripped NBC for the tasteless joke.

“It’s quite remarkable that Hollywood lectures the rest of the country to be more tolerant, yet they continue to make bigoted jokes at the expense of conservatives,” Mediaite columnist Joseph Wulfsohn told Fox News. He also criticized the rebooted show as an “unfunny, overly-political parody of itself.”

“’Will & Grace’ is kind of obsessed with saying that Republicans are secretly gay,” wrote Media Research Center contributing writer Amelia Hamilton. “’Will & Grace’ is a reboot of the original show and maybe all they’ve got is reboots of old jokes.”

Conservative commentator Britt McHenry told Fox News the joke is “in incredibly bad taste.”

“It’s one thing to make a joke about a ‘bromance,’ but to go this far, in my opinion, crosses a line of decency,” McHenry said. “McCain spent a lifetime serving this country — quite literally almost giving up his life to serve. Now, as he fights brain cancer, the least we can do is show him some respect.”

“Will & Grace” features a gay character — which was newsworthy back when it began its original 20 years ago. But now it seems passe, tired even, and what’s more odd is the supposedly tolerant liberals in the show are viciously anti-anyone who doesn’t think like them.

It’s not the first time the reboot has taken aim at Republicans. Last October, the show sought to portray Vice President Mike Pence as homophobic.