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OUT OF CONTROL: 43% of All Rapes in Sweden Are Committed Against Children

By  Joseph Curl

Sweden has taken in more refugee migrants per capita than any other European nation — and it’s really not working out too well.

In 2015, some 160,000 refugees were granted asylum in Sweden, an idyllic Nordic nation of just 10 million. Tens of thousands more were admitted in 2016, most coming from the war-torn nations in the Middle East. In all, hundreds of thousands have swarmed the tiny country.

Since their arrival, crime has skyrocketed. In 2015, there were 112 cases of lethal violence — 33 by shooting, compared to just 17 in 2011. Violence against women also soared, as did sexual assaults. Reported rapes in 2016 rose to 6,570, a 13% rise over 2015. The nation now ranks No. 2 in rapes per capita, Defend Europa reported.

In one particularly heinous assault, a gang of migrants raped a girl and broadcast the attack on Facebook. Two men from Afghanistan were charged.

92% percent of all “severe rapes” in Sweden were carried out by “people with a migratory/asylum background,” Defend Europa reported.

Now comes a new report from the independent news group that says nearly half the rapes (43%) are committed on children:

The data, which looks at Swedish rape figures for the first half of 2017, concludes that 3430 violent rapes were carried out during this period. 1470 (43%) of these rapes were carried out on children (ages 0-17) and 1960 (57%) of these rapes were carried out on adults (ages 18+).

In relation to the child rapes:

88% were carried out on girls.
12% were carried out on boys.
In relation to the adult rapes:

95% were carried on out women.
5% were carried out on men.

Younger children in particular are being targeted — 55% of the child rapes were carried out on girls less than 14 year-old.

Said Defend Europa: “Considering that the top ten ethnic origins of Sweden’s rapists are: Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Syria, Gambia, Iran, Palestine, Chile and Kosovo; isn’t it time that we started talking openly about the devastating effects of mass open door immigration from the third world?”

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