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Oopsies: Woman Sues Sperm Bank After She Receives Black Man’s Sperm

By  Chase Stephens

Jennifer Cramblett of Uniontown, Ohio and her lesbian partner, Amanda Zinkon, are suing an Illinois-based sperm bank for giving them the wrong seed. Cramblett ordered the reproductive material of a white man but nine months later she gave birth to a half-black daughter she named Peyton. The couple sued the company for medical malpractice but an Ohio judge threw the case out, adding that they could refile under a negligence claim.

That’s just what they’ve done.

Cramblett, Zinkon, and Peyton below…

According to, “Cramblett filed the new lawsuit in federal court on Friday. It claims the Midwest Sperm Bank committed negligence, fraud, and misconduct when it provided her and her partner with the wrong sperm resulting in her giving birth to a mixed-race daughter in August 2012. She’s seeking more than $150,000 in damages.”

The current lawsuit puts forth that Cramblett, as a white woman, is in no way prepared to raise a mixed-race baby with the “numerous challenges and external pressures.” Cramblett’s first lawsuit clarifies that those challenges and pressures include a racist community and an “unconsciously insensitive” family that already has misgivings about her being a lesbian. Cramblett’s lawsuit also makes clear that she wants the court to know that her filing does not mean that she doesn’t love her daughter.

Click below for NBC’s interview with the mother…

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