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Only MLB Player To ‘Take A Knee’ ARRESTED For Assault In Arizona

By  Emily Zanotti

Oakland A’s catcher Bruce Maxwell, the only Major League Baseball player to “take a knee” during the NFL’s national anthem protests, has been arrested on weapons-related charges in Arizona.

Maxwell allegedly pulled a gun on a delivery woman who showed up on his doorstep in Scottsdale, Arizona, Sautrday night, to bring the baseball star food from a local restaurant, according to TMZ Sports.

The woman called police, and Maxwell was arrested. TMZ reports the police booked Maxwell on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct. Scottsdale authorities did not release any further details of the incident that ultimately led to Maxwell’s arrest. It does not appear the delivery driver was similarly charged.

Maxwell made headlines in September after taking a knee during the national anthem before one of his games with the Oakland A’s, to express his solidarity with kneeling NFL players. He was the only MLB player to join in the demonstration; the league quickly reiterated that rules require players stand for all pre-game ceremonies, including The Star-Spangled Banner.

Maxwell said he received blowback for kneeling, but the demonstration did have one benefit: a newly forged friendship with out-of-work NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick who, Maxwell says, quickly became his mentor.

Last week, Maxwell made headlines again, after telling media that a waiter in Georgia refused to serve him because of his protest. The restaurant in question, however, flatly denied the claim. The waiter who served Maxwell said he refused to serve alcohol to one member of Maxwell’s party because he had an expired ID.

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