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One Protester Removed EVERY MINUTE During Second Day Of Kavanaugh Hearings

By  Emily Zanotti

The opening moments of Brett Kavanaugh’s second day of confirmation hearings were marked by the near-constant cries of protesters, intent on disrupting — perhaps, permanently — Senate Judiciary Committee proceedings.

Within the first four minutes of Kavanaugh’s hearing, four protesters were dragged out of the Senate chamber, most kicking and screaming, and the demonstration went on for the first half hour of questioning.

As on Tuesday, Kavanaugh was not allowed to answer even one question. Before speaking, he was disrupted by a protester shrieking from the back rows.

Eight people were reportedly tossed within the first quarter hour.

On Tuesday, the Women’s March revealed that it had organized the protests against Kavanaugh, and that it planned on disrupting Kavanaugh’s hearings as often as possible. Activist Linda Sarsour and former movie actress Piper Perabo were arrested as part of the ongoing disruptions.

Kavanaugh will face his first pointed questions Wednesday after enduring extended introductions on Tuesday. Each senator is assigned approximately 30 minutes for questioning.

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