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Omar Storms Away From Kid Over Conversation About Tolerance, According To Parent
Rep. Ilhan Omar
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According to Rachel Campos-Duffy, who has guest-hosted shows as disparate as ABC’s “The View” and Fox News’ “Outnumbered,” last week her children went to the Capitol to vote with their father, Congressman Sean Duffy (R-WI). One of their daughters, Lucia, spotted Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and recognizing who she was, asked to take a picture, triggering an alleged ill-behaved reaction from Omar when Lucia confronted Omar’s lack of tolerance.

Campos-Duffy wrote on Facebook:

In DC today & the kids went to the Capitol building to vote with their Dad. Walking back from voting, my daughter, Lucia, spots Rep. Ilan Omar. She recognized her from a Maroon 5 “Girls Like You” music video & kindly asked to take a picture with her. Here’s how it went down:
Lucia: May I take a picture with you?
Omar: Are you sure your parents are OK with that?
Rachel: Yes, we’re very tolerant people.
Omar: You should be accepting, not tolerant.
Rachel: Right back at you!
Omar storms off. So much for Lucia’s very genuine attempt at bipartisan fan girling over Maroon 5….

Omar’s history of acceptance includes promoting a cartoon from a cartoonist who has openly mocked victims of the Holocaust. As The Jewish Daily Forward’s Batya Ungar-Sargon wrote on Twitter: “Oof. Looks like both Rep. Omar and Rep. Tlaib shared this awful Carlos Latuff cartoon in Instagram stories yesterday. In 2006, Latuff came in second in Iran’s International Holocaust Cartoon Contest, which is a thing that exists, in case you thought [this timeline of events] couldn’t get any worse.”

Another instance of tolerance and acceptance: Omar circulated a tweet that appeared to celebrate a violent attack on Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). As The Daily Wire noted in August: “Omar retweeted actor and outspoken leftist Tom Arnold on July 29 after he wrote on Twitter: ‘Imagine being Rand Paul’s next door neighbor and having to deal with [Rand Paul] lying cowardly circular whiney bullcrap about lawn clippings. No wonder he ripped his toupee off.'”

Prior to Omar circulating the tweet, Paul had criticized her, saying:

I’ve met people who have come here from behind the Iron Curtain. They got away from communism, they’re some of the best Americans we have because they really appreciate how great our country is. Then I hear Representative Omar say America is a terrible place – well, she came here and we fed her, we clothed her, she got welfare, she got [schooling], she got healthcare, and then lo and behold, she has the honor of actually winning a seat in Congress. And she said we’re a terrible country? I think that’s about as ungrateful as you can get.

I’m willing to contribute to buy her a ticket to go visit Somalia and I think she can look and maybe learn a little bit about the disaster that is Somalia – that has no capitalism, has no God-given rights guaranteed in the constitution, and has about seven different tribes that have been fighting each other for the last 40 years. Maybe after she’s visited Somalia for a while, she might come back and appreciate America more.

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