Ocasio-Cortez Praises Biden: ‘Definitely Exceeded Expectations’ Of Far-Left, ‘Been Very Impressive’
WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 20: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) speaks at a news conference to reintroduce the Green New Deal and introduce the Civilian Climate Corps Act at the Capitol Reflecting Pool near the West Front of the U.S. Capitol Building on Tuesday, April 20, 2021 in Washington, DC.
Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) praised Democrat President Joe Biden during a virtual town hall late this week, saying that his leftist agenda has “definitely exceeded the expectations” that the far-left had, and she thinks he has been “very impressive.”

“One thing that I will say is that I do think that, by demonstration, President Biden has definitely exceeded expectations that progressives had,” Ocasio-Cortez said on Friday. “You know, I’ll be frank, I think a lot of us expected a much more conservative administration. And I think that his, not only what has ultimately come out, but the active invitation and willingness and collaboration with progressives in his first 100 days, or almost 100 days, has been very impressive.”

While Biden tries to portray himself as a centrist, he promised on the campaign trail that he would be the “most progressive,” or far-left, president in history, a reality that even a far-left columnist at The Washington Post acknowledges.

Ocasio-Cortez’s comments praising Biden for embracing a radical left-wing agenda come as the administration deals with a crisis on the southern border that many have blamed on Biden’s policies, including the Mexican government, who believes Biden’s policies “are stoking illegal immigration and creating business for organized crime,” Reuters reported.

“Well, my concern at this in the recent weeks in my district, migrants who made it across the border, who even pass the line of MPPs [Migrant Protection Protocols], who were 5,000 folks that have been waiting for two years across the border, made it across the Rio Grande Valley were processed and released,” Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX) warned earlier this year. “If that is the message that we send to Central America and around the world, I can assure you, it won’t be long before we have tens of thousands of people showing up to our border.”

“And it’ll be catastrophic for our party, for our country, for my region, for my district, in the middle of a pandemic, in an area where we’ve lost over 3,000 people in my small congressional district,” he continued. “So, I think we need to have a better plan in place. I think asylum seekers should be able to ask for asylum and be processed in their home country or a neighboring country. And we shouldn’t have a policy in place that impulses people to make this 2,000 mile trek where cartels and human traffickers are enriching themselves.”

News broke late this week that the Biden administration is reportedly planning to significantly increase the number of migrants that are released into the U.S., who were apprehended illegally trying to enter the country, by up to 800%.

The move comes as Biden’s border crisis has continued to worsen, with a recent report from CNN indicating that U.S. officials believe they will encounter 2 million migrants illegally trying to enter the U.S. southern border this year. That is more than the population of Alaska, Vermont, and Wyoming — combined.

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