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Ocasio-Cortez Claims ‘GOP’ Thinks Her Dancing Was ‘Scandalous,’ Gets Roasted For Lying

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was widely criticized for lying on Friday about reaction that she received to a video that a random Twitter account posted earlier in the week.

“I hear the GOP thinks women dancing are scandalous,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. “Wait till they find out Congresswomen dance too!”

That video was in response to a tweet from “@AnonymousQ1776,” who later deleted their account, which stated: “Here is America’s favorite commie know-it-all acting like the clueless nitwit she is…”

Ocasio-Cortez then falsely suggested that Republicans were making the attack on her, despite the fact that many conservatives spoke out against attacking her over a dancing video from her college years. She was called out by many on Twitter for lying about the situation:

Ocasio-Cortez spread another lie on her Twitter account on Thursday when she played the victim card by falsely claiming that Republicans booed her on the House floor. A video that she suggested validated her claim did not show any evidence of what she claimed: