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Obama’s Ambassador To Russia Deletes Endorsement Of NatSec Advisor Candidate After Scaramucci Support

By  Ryan
Michael McFaul, former U.S. ambassador to Russia, arrives to a House Intelligence Committee hearing in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Thursday, March 28, 2019.
Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Michael McFaul, who was the U.S. Ambassador to Russia under President Barack Obama, endorsed Steve Biegun to replace recently-departed National Security Advisor John Bolton on Thursday and quickly deleted his support for Biegun after Trump-foe Anthony Scaramucci supported his endorsement.

McFaul tweeted, “My unsolicited vote for next National Security Advisor: Steve Biegun.”

Several hours later, Scaramucci quote re-tweeted McFaul, adding, “I agree.”

McFaul deleted his tweet shortly after Scaramucci posted his tweet, presumably because he knew that Scaramucci’s support of his endorsement would be an automatic disqualifier in the eyes of the Trump administration.

NewsBusters’ Curtis Houck shared a screenshot of the tweet and posted it to Twitter a few hours after McFaul deleted his tweet.

“Soooo Democrat Michael McFaul, who was Obama’s ambassador to Russia, endorsed Steve Biegun for National Security Adviser, who’s currently the lead U.S. envoy on North Korea,” Houck wrote. “But he then deleted it after Anthony Scaramucci quote retweeted it showing support.”

The Daily Wire spoke to strategists who advise President Donald Trump and officials who have worked in the Trump White House about Biegun potentially being a potential candidate to replace Bolton and found little support for him.

One official, who asked to be kept anonymous, told The Daily Wire, “For Steve Biegun, with friends like Michael McFaul, who needs enemies? Anyone Michael McFaul and Anthony Scaramucci endorses as National Security Advisor should automatically send up red flags. These are the same individuals who live every waking second of every day to hurt President Trump and his agenda. Installing Beguin — a Bush and McCain loyalist — would be akin to allowing a foreign spy unfettered access to our country’s most sensitive national security secrets. Beguin is simply grossly unfit to serve as National Security Advisor.”

A former White House official, who also asked to be quoted only on background, told The Daily Wire, “The last thing the president needs is a Bush/McCain foreign policy doppelgänger advising him. The president’s election was a rejection of the Bush-era Neo-conservatism that Beguin represents. There’s a reason why so many of the president’s biggest enemies from Michael McFaul to Scaramucci are supporting Beguin for the NSA role. If he gets the job, the ‘never-Trumpers’ and their friends in the media will be celebrating.”

Another former senior White House official told The Daily Wire, “Biegun worked for Bush and was an advisor to McCain’s presidential campaign. Could a résumé and approach be any more antithetical to the Trumpian approach to foreign affairs and national security? And now anti-Trump bloviators like Michael McFaul and Anthony Scaramucci are voicing their support for him, too. The president’s foreign policy instincts are not only spot-on, they’re right in line with what the American electorate believe. He’s at his best when he goes with his gut. Installing Biegun in the West Wing would be the exact opposite of that — it’d be a typical, globalist, establishment move, and it’d get a typical, globalist, establishment result. President Trump ran against that approach, and he’s governed against that approach. He deserves to finally have a National Security Advisor who believes in him and believes in the way he approaches foreign affairs. Steve Biegun isn’t that guy.”

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