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Obama State Dept Made Deal With Hillary Allowing Removal Of Records. Here’s What They Removed.

By  Ryan Saavedra

Newly-revealed documents obtained by conservative watchdog Judicial Watch reveal that the Obama State Department allowed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her top aide Huma Abedin to remove sensitive documents that were not to be made public records.

Judicial Watch received the records on Thursday in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that sought all DS-1904 forms completed by or on behalf of Former Secretary Hillary Clinton, Former Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, Former Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin, and Former Deputy Chief of Staff Jacob Sullivan.

Clinton and Abedin were permitted to remove both electronic and physical records, claiming “they were ‘personal’ materials and ‘unclassified, non-record materials,’ including files of Clinton’s calls and schedules, which were not to be made public.”

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton noted the gravity of the latest revelations, stating they showed further corruption in the Obama administration and with Clinton.

“We already know the Obama State Department let Hillary Clinton steal and then delete her government emails, which included classified information,” Fitton said in a statement. “But these new records show that was only part of the scandal. These new documents show the Obama State Department had a deal with Hillary Clinton to hide her calls logs and schedules, which would be contrary to FOIA and other laws.”

Electronic records Clinton was allowed to remove:

  • Copy of “daily files.”
  • Non-record copy of a log of calls the Secretary made since 2004.
  • Official and personal copy of the Secretary’s “call grid” which is a running list of calls she wants to make.

Physical records Clinton was allowed to remove:

  • 16 boxes of personal schedules from 1993-2008 (prior to her becoming Secretary of State).
  • 29 boxes of miscellaneous public schedules ranging from her time as FLOTUS all the way up to her appointment at the State Department.
  • 1 box of personal reimbursable receipts.
  • 1 box of personal photos.
  • 1 box personal schedule.
  • Personal correspondence.
  • Daily file binders.
  • Gift binders.
  • Gifts (actual).
  • Topic binders.

Electronic records Abedin was allowed to remove:

  • Outlook contacts.

Physical records Abedin was allowed to remove (5 boxes):

  • Travel Records
  • Muslim Engagement Documents
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Gift Archive Binder
  • FLOTUS “Courtesy Storage/Box Content List” Binder
  • CODEL Trips Binder
  • Menu Cards & Table Arrangement Binder
  • Personal Event Planner (2001 thru 2011)

“The originals of some Clinton documents were retained, such as the call logs and schedules,” Judicial Watch reports. “For other records, including material that predates Clinton’s tenure, there is no indication that a copy was made. The most significant of these are her personal correspondence and gift binders, which could reflect Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative ties.”

Fitton concluded his statement by asking, “When are the American people going to get an honest investigation of the Clinton crimes?”

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