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Obama Commutes Bradley Manning’s Sentence. Hypocritical Democrats Rejoice, Call for Probe Into Russian Hacking.

On Tuesday, President Obama used what was left of his executive authority to commute the sentence of Bradley Manning, the notorious transgender army traitor who provided purloined and classified U.S. military documents to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. He is accused of leaking roughly 150,000 diplomatic cables, 750,000 documents total, many of which are of vital national security interest to the United States. He provided the stolen documents to WikiLeaks in 2010. WikiLeaks then published the documents for the world to see; that includes America’s enemies.

Manning was convicted by court martial in July 2013 to 35 years in jail after being charged with violations against the Espionage Act by the army. In other words, he was effectively guilty of treason. That sort of offense used to take a man to the firing squad. Well, not anymore.

In addition to commuting the sentence of Bradley (who now goes by Chelsea) Manning, Obama commuted the sentences of another 208 inmates and pardoned a staggering 64.

Responding to pressure and self-righteous indignation by liberal activists and far-left anarchists who have been circulating petitions for a number of months now, Obama has effectively let Manning off the hook. The army traitor’s jail sentence will now expire on May 17.

Obama’s clemency ploy comes just as Democrats in Congress push for a probe into alleged Russian hacking of Hillary Clinton’s emails. Some in the House and Senate have even blamed Russian espionage for Clinton’s dramatic loss to Trump on election day.

While Democrats have insisted that their sudden interest in Kremlin-sponsored hacking is premised on their concern for US national security and democratic integrity, Obama’s latest power play, releasing an army traitor who has done more to damage the future success of military operations and counter-intelligence, has been welcomed by Democrats as a triumph of freedom.

The hypocrisy is quite frankly astounding.

After all, the Russian, and Chinese for that matter, have been hacking into U.S. cyber systems for years, but Democrats have been relatively silent, choosing to focus on the alleged sins of U.S. imperialism.

It’s clear that the donkey party’s sudden fixation with Russian is a political stunt aimed at undermining the legitimacy of the next Republican president.

The fact that only yesterday Democrats were calling for Assange’s head, chastising Trump for praising the WikiLeaks founder, is evidence enough for the kangaroo court liberals are attempting to establish in order to discount Trump and make any case for the American people rejecting the Obama movement.

The next time Democrats call the opposing party traitors, remind them of the time Obama pardoned Bradley Manning.