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NYC ‘Democratic Socialists’ Want To Abolish ICE, Profit

By  Emily Zanotti

On Saturday, thousands of leftists, apparently unaware that the Trump Administration reversed an order separating children from their illegal immigrant parents while their parents awaited an asylum hearing at the United States-Mexico border, gathered in major cities to decry immigration enforcement.

But some leftists went further than others. While most protesters simply called to “abolish ICE” — the agency responsible for executing America’s immigration laws, as well as its laws against human and drug trafficking — the New York Democratic Socialists of America called upon their fellow countrymen to “abolish profit” (and prisons, and “cash bail” and, for good measure, all borders).

The request is . . . fascinating . . . if only because a socialist organization, which actively agitates for the greater involvement of the state in policing individuals lives, thus curbing most freedoms — which would necessarily involve instituting an incredible, complex, overbearing police state — is calling for the abolition of a particular enforcement agency they don’t quite like.

Beyond that, though, the request seems at odds both with the Democratic Party’s stated position on the issue — that they support border enforcement, just not the current agency enforcing rules at the border — and with, frankly, reality.

Twitter was quick to notice:

Others were quick to point out that DSA’s priorities seemed counterproductive.

The New York Democratic Socialists are proud of their position, however, perhaps because those positions are echoed by prominent New York politicians, including NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and newly-chosen Democratic Congressional candidate, self-described “Socialist,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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