NYC Councilwoman Called For Defunding The Police. Now She’s Slammed For Linking Suspected Cop-Killer And Dead Cops In Condolences.

Kristin Richardson Jordan also has stated police were “created to preserve slavery”
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A radical leftist New York City Democrat councilwoman who has called for abolishing police and said they were “created to preserve slavery” has come under fire after tweeting condolences to the family of a man suspected of murdering two NYPD cops — in a shooting that occurred in her district.

Last Friday, NYPD officers Jason Rivera, 22, and Wilbert Mora, 27, were ambushed and shot by Lashawn McNeil, 47, after they called to a domestic violence incident by McNeil’s mother. Rivera died at the scene and Mora died on Tuesday. A third cop shot McNeil, who died on Monday.

On Tuesday, Harlem Councilwoman Kristin Richardson Jordan tweeted, “My deepest condolences to the families of Officer Rivera, Officer Mora and Lashawn McNeil. Lives lost due to broken public safety & mental health systems that spare nobody. Harlem stands with the families of the fallen and we will not stop fighting for a safer world for all.”

The New York Post reported that one policeman reacted, “How could she mention a coward, cold-blooded murderer in the same sentence as two heroes?”

An officer from Brooklyn echoed, “I find it very disturbing to see the perp’s name in the same sentence as the two heroes who are not even buried yet,” The New York Post noted.

A Manhattan cop added, “She put the names of our dead cops with their killer in the same breath she wishes condolences.”

One New Yorker blasted, “This is one of the most repulsive uses of conflation & moral equivalence to lump good and evil together and inject personal politics. Setting ethical decrepitude aside, it represents the protected Alt/Left faction’s view of being above the law but consuming lives of protectors.”

Two hours after the shooting of the two cops, Jordan had other things on her mind, tweeting her concerns over a community garden, writing, “Community gardens are vital to building local power–they’re spaces where neighbors build relationships & trust. Beware of ‘affordable housing’ propaganda. The units aren’t actually affordable for most Harlemites & instead go to outside wealthy folks who can afford to occupy them.”

After taking office in the New York City Council earlier this month, Jordan snapped, “The NYPD is still the biggest gang in New York City.”

In June 2021, Jordan tweeted about abolishing police, writing, “We do not achieve justice through harsher punishments for Chauvin by the carceral state because there are ~700,000 more Chauvins out there.  Always remember that the police & prison systems were created to preserve slavery.   To break the chains we must fight for total abolition.”

In July 2021, she tweeted about defunding the police, writing:

Let’s make Harlem and NYC safer by defunding the police and funding the people. The safest neighborhoods in NYC don’t have more cops, they have more resources. Safety means everyone is guaranteed a home, healthcare, a job with a living wage, a high quality education & free MTA.

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