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NY Times Eager To Run Piece To Save Iran Nuclear Deal

On Monday, The New York Times, desperate to do anything to save the Iran nuclear accord (JCPOA), especially after the naming of former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton as national security advisor, trotted out a piece titled, “U.S. Experts Say Why Trump Should Support Iran Deal.”

The group, which calls itself the National Coalition to Prevent an Iranian Nuclear Weapon, issued a statement in which it listed ten reasons why the deal should stay in place, and a closer look reveals the pie-in-the-sky perspective of the “experts.”

Here’s one example: “Iran will be prohibited from exceeding severe limits on its nuclear program under continuing, unprecedented international monitoring.”

The Center for Arms Control and Nuclear Proliferation said in 2015 regarding the nuclear deal, “The IAEA will have 24/7 access to Iran’s known nuclear facilities and will be closely monitoring Iran’s supply chain of nuclear materials, centrifuge production lines, and any purchases that might be used for a nuclear program.”

Big deal. Iran has lied to the IAEA before about its efforts to build a nuclear weapon. More importantly, IAEA officials have stated they would search only if they suspected Iranian misdoing. The JCPOA only allows for IAEA searches if the IAEA can justify a search.

Here’s another example: “Other states in the region would have significantly reduced motivation to develop nuclear weapons if Iran’s program remains under intense scrutiny and restrictions.”

See above. Does anyone really believe that other states will eschew pursuing nuclear weapons because of the limp-wristed efforts to investigate Iran?

A third example: “U.S. relations with major European allies, who all oppose U.S. withdrawal, would be preserved for advancing U.S. national security interests beyond the nuclear deal. “

So because Europe, which has been supine regarding Iran for decades, might be offended by us terminating the deal, we are supposed to capitulate ourselves?

A fourth: “Iran will be denied the opportunity to blame the U.S. should it renew its nuclear program in response to a U.S. withdrawal.”

Ooh, that’s scary. We should cower before the threat of someone saying they don’t like us.

Fifth: “U.S. political and diplomatic influence would not be eroded, improving the U.S.’s ability to advance the resolution of regional conflicts.”

The Obama Administration did more to damage relationships with our allies than possibly any administration in history; the only advantage of Obama’s pusillanimous actions with Iran was that for the first time, Israel found itself with Arab allies, including Jordan Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. And the Trump Administration’s tough rhetoric toward Iran has only strengthened that bond.

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