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NY Democrat House Candidate: ‘Report’ Trump Supporters
Democratic congressional candidate Nate McMurray
Photo by John Normile/Getty Images

On Wednesday, the Democratic candidate for New York’s 27th congressional district issued a tweet showing how dark parts of the Democratic Party have become, urging his followers to “report” Trump supporters.

Nate McMurray wrote, “When you see fake videos, when you see racism, when you hear support for Trump, do not roll your eyes, do not play nice, do not worry about hurting someone’s feelings, CALL IT OUT — REPORT IT — FIGHT IT. WE can not (sic) reward or tolerate ignorance. It normalizes it.”

By Friday, McMurray had amended his tweet to remove the “REPORT IT” command. “If a neighbor shares a racist video and says it’s ‘funny.’ If your family member says, ‘I think the media never gives Trump a break.’ Do not roll your eyes, do not play nice, do not worry about hurt feelings. CALL IT OUT — TALK TO THEM — DO NOT GO WITH THE FLOW. It normalizes it,” the amended tweet now reads.

In response to the Democrat’s original post, John Hinderaker of Powerline commented, “McMurray wants Trump supporters to be ‘reported.’ To whom? The authorities, presumably. (Maybe as of 2021 we will be glad that the Democrats have defunded and disbanded the police.) Or perhaps he just means the far-left Twitter mob. But the objective is obvious: Democrats yearn for the day when they won’t have to tolerate opposition.”

McMurray was also the Democratic nominee for the 27th congressional district in 2018; he lost the election to incumbent Chris Collins. Here are some examples of McMurray’s political thinking:

How to “be a man” (August 2019): “YOU WANT TO BE A MAN? Make something. Build something. Better, help someone. Serve someone. Care for them. Your damn assault rifle has no part in that. It just makes part of the most insecure and dangerous club in the world.”

Seemingly referring to the NRA and commentator-author Dana Loesch as “homegrown terrorists,” he wrote of an NRA-TV video: “If ISIS made a video as threatening as the NRA’s hourglass offering, we would all be legitimately freaked out. Who is behind this ‘genius’ marketing? Are they channeling Margaret Hamilton in the Wizard of Oz? Yikes. #HomeGrownTerrorism.”

Expressing his tolerant views on Trump supporters who didn’t wear masks: “We need to crush this.”

On the need to “fight” and “break” America’s “caste system”: “In India, the caste system started as the result of politics. The religious, mythical justifications came later. Here, our ‘castes’ are just as arbitrary. Race. Wealth. Think of how we create lies and mythology to justify theft and inequality. Fight it. Break it.”

On President Trump being a “traitor”: “The price paid by the Russians for a dead US soldier? $100,000 He’s a traitor. Trump is a traitor.”

On rebelling against the “machine” and overcoming America’s “legacy of racial oppression and slavery”: “We do not obey the machine. We do not listen to the mob. We are united against both—united against the madness of Trump, and committed to a country without him. A country striving to overcome the legacy of racial oppression and slavery.”

“Nearly 40% of the 27th Congressional District’s voters are registered Republicans,” The Telegraph notes. “About 30% are Democrats and the rest are independent or enrolled in minor parties, according to the state Board of Elections.”

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