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Now Snoop Dogg Takes On Donald Trump As Hip-Hop Goes To War With The White House

Rapper Snoop Dogg just released the first single off his upcoming album and it’s a dig at President Donald Trump — making Snoop the latest in a line of hip-hop artists inspired by the White House.

The song’s title, Make America Crip Again, obviously alludes to Snoop’s gang allegiance from way back when “gangsta” rappers were as active in New York and Los Angeles’ violent gang underworlds as they portrayed in their songs. But the song itself takes the side of professional athletes involved in widespread National Anthem protests.

“The President said he wants to make America great again. F— that s—, we gonna make America Crip again,” Snoop begins.

“As I look around, I see so many millionaires with skin like mine. Don’t pretend like I’m with that bulls— your President been tweeting. Them black boys is ballin’ out, the whole block been eating,” he continues.

Snoop goes on to name-drop Colin Kaepernick, and suggest that black athletes start their own football league, if their protests don’t result in greater equality.

“Ima line ya’ll on up, then start my own league. Ima sign ya’ll on up,” he raps. “I’m thinkin who my heroes be. Thank God for the negro league. Colin Kaepernick was blackballed, oh n—–, please. This still America with three K’s, believe that s—.”

In a statement through his publicist, Snoop says that his song is “not a statement or a political act: it’s just good music.” He also says the reference to the Crips is designed to harken back to the Black Panthers Party from the 1970s who opposed police brutality and segregation (in some cases, with violence). As for whether he’s serious about starting his own professional football league, well, Snoop says he’s just suggesting that if black athletes aren’t appreciated by people they play for, they should find new people to play for.

Strangely, the song is actually the latest shot in a back-and-forth volley between the rapper and the President. Earlier this year, Snoop released a video that showed him “shooting” a clown, reminiscent of Donald Trump. Trump responded, saying Snoop would get “jail time” for starring in the same video, shooting a clown that looked like former President Obama.

Snoop is just the latest rapper to draw recent inspiration from the Trump White House. Detroit rapper Eminem released his own political track last week, and performed the song live as an act of “resistance.”

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