Norway Court Says Man Who Murdered 77 People Is Being Treated Cruelly In Prison. You Won’t BELIEVE Why. | The Daily Wire
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Norway Court Says Man Who Murdered 77 People Is Being Treated Cruelly In Prison. You Won’t BELIEVE Why.

By  Michael Qazvini

A Norwegian court has ruled that mass murdering maniac Anders Breivik was treated cruelly in prison and stripped of his human rights.

As you may recall, Brevik slaughtered 77 people in cold blood. It was the worst attack on Norwegian soil since World War II. What could the prisoner guards have possibly done? Torture? Limb amputation? Castration? Nope. They placed him into solitary confinement. Yes, you read that correctly. The court determined that solitary confinement breached the European convention on human rights.

“Judge Helen Andenaes Sekulic of the Oslo district court ruled that the Norwegian state had broken article 3 of the convention,” reports The Guardian (UK).

Here’s what the ever-merciful judge had to say in a written decision:

The prohibition of inhuman and degrading treatment ‘represents a fundamental value in a democratic society. This applies no matter what – also in the treatment of terrorists and killers.

“The judge ordered the government to pay Breivik’s legal costs of 331,000 kroner (£35,000),” adds The Guardian.

The miscarriage of justice doesn’t stop there. When one thinks of solitary confinement one usually imagines a small, cramped space where a prisoner is forced to be alone with his thoughts.

Well, not in Norway! “Breivik is detained in a three-cell complex where he can play video games, watch TV and exercise,” notes The Guardian. Additionally, Brevik’s ability to correspond with outsiders, including family members, had not been restricted. Thank God!

The details of Brevik’s crime are horrific to say the least. He killed eight people in a bomb attack outside of a government establishment in Norway. Then, he slowly mowed down members of a youth camp, shooting 69 people in the head. Most of them were teenagers.

The 37-year-old was sentenced to just 21 years in prison, the maximum allowed in Norway. The sentence can be extended if the court still considers him a danger to the public. Given the Norwegian court’s penchant for protecting mass murderers, that’s unlikely to happen. Expect Andres Brevik to be a free man by the time he’s 60.

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