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North Korea Appears To Challenge America To A DANCE OFF In Latest Propaganda Video

By  Emily Zanotti

Forget nuclear weapons; Kim Jong Un and his army are going to obliterate America with its killer dance moves — at least according to its latest propaganda video.

It’s no secret that the U.S. and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea haven’t been seeing eye to eye of late. And the DPRK seems intent on doing all it can to provoke a stronger response than just economic sanctions: testing what they seem to say is a hydrogen bomb, conducting missile launches that threaten American interests, and claiming it has “gift packages” aimed at Guam and California.

Although President Trump has been walking a fine line, and working with advisors to craft an effective confrontation plan, it seems he may not have to rely on our nuclear arsenal to solve the problem. He just has to take a few lessons at Fred Astaire. Today’s missive from the North Korean army is a mix of EDM music and serious steps.

Sure, it starts out with the traditional, fleeting images of troops armed and ready to go into battle, but then we are quickly treated to the North Korean military’s true talent: coordinated ballet and impressive aerial lifts. There’s only one word for the display really: fire.

Of course, the video doesn’t actually challenge the U.S. to a dance-off, but the video is such a marked difference from previous propaganda efforts, you almost have to wonder exactly what they’re getting at. Before now, it’s been all “we’re going to blow up Guam!” and now it’s all “our entire army may, in fact, have been trained by a Justin Timberlake workout video from 2002.”

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