No Bueno: Machete Mayhem Leads To Arrest Of Three Illegal Alien Brothers, ICE Says

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Had the Aguilar-Borrayo brothers never engaged in an alleged machete fight last Friday night, then law enforcement officials might have never known that the three illegal aliens were living in Waltham, Massachusetts, at all.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials say that 27-year-old Osman Aguilar-Borrayo, 21-year-old Kevin Aguilar-Borrayo, and 19-year-old Bryan Aguilar-Borrayo, were arrested last Friday around 6:30 p.m. Osman was arrested for armed assault with intent to murder, assault and battery on a pregnant woman, assault, battery with a dangerous weapon, and mayhem, according to The Boston Herald. His two younger brothers were arrested on mayhem charges.

ICE told The Herald that all three crossed the southern border unlawfully and were given a court date for immigration hearings. They never showed up.

Now they face deportation after ICE detained all three after they posted bail.

How many more men like the Aguilar-Borrayo brothers are out there? Well, it’s hard to say.

Millions have flooded the country in the past two and a half years alone. Deportations have been at record lows for much of the Biden presidency.

In fact, the Biden administration has made it a priority to only deport “criminal” illegal aliens. So, rather than be proactive and deport all illegal aliens, authorities are advised to wait for illegal aliens to commit crimes before nabbing them. If those illegal aliens don’t get busted for committing crimes, then they’re virtually able to stay forever.

In April of 2023, it was reported that the immigration system is so overwhelmed, there is a 10-year waiting list for illegal aliens to appear in court. By that time, it’s likely that the D.C. Establishment will have passed an amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens in the country already.


Once illegal immigrants are in the country, they’re hard to track down — even if they are given a free smartphone and told to pinky-promise they’ll come back for their court date.

So, that means that men like the Aguilar-Borrayo bros are able to travel all the way from Texas up to Massachusetts undetected — until they start hacking pregnant women with machetes in an “alleged” neighborly dispute, then that starts to draw attention. Talk about brotherly love.

There are two words for Biden’s immigration policies: No bueno.

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