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Newsweek Reporter Claims She’s Never Met Someone With An AR-15 Who Wasn’t A Killer, Gets ROASTED

Over the weekend, Newsweek writer Nina Burleigh discovered that law-abiding, gun-owning Americans take offense when you claim they’re all “mass murderers.”

Responding to Rep. Eric Swalwell’s (D-CA) suggestion that gun owners who resist government authorities who might confiscate their weapons could be literally nuked from orbit, Burleigh decided to wax poetic on why, exactly, she felt the nation’s 15,000,000 or so legally owned AR-15 rifles should be immediately taken from their owners.

No AR-15 owner she’s met, Burleigh said, has been anything short of a mass murderer.

If all fifteen million legal AR-15 owners are, indeed, mass murderers, it’s absolutely shocking that there aren’t multiple mass murders per day.

The math didn’t occur to Burleigh, however, or the fact that a vast majority of AR-15 owners are hunters, target shooters, and former members of the military who wanted to take home a small piece of military technology. The vast majority of AR-15 owners are also, of course, not homicidal maniacs.

Twitter quickly schooled Burleigh on her privilege.

When Burleigh didn’t get the result she wanted from her social media deep thought, she didn’t bother to reconsider her opinion. No, in fact, Burleigh appears to have ignored the four thousand-odd replies to her tweet, blaming them not on gun owners trying to politely walk her through the realities of gun ownership, but on Russian bots.

No, really.

She pointed to an article about Russian hackers using the gun control issue to inflame American tensions in the wake of February’s mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, as proof that her detractors couldn’t possibly be real, live gun owners who had studiously avoided committing mass murder, but rather, bots from a Russian troll farm.

Twitter had a similarly appropriate answer to her second bright idea.