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Media Blame Mysterious Driverless Truck For Jihadist Terror Massacre In Nice

By  Hank Berrien

After the brutal massacre of roughly 80 people in Nice, France, Thursday, some mainstream news sites seemed to imagine that the truck which mowed down scores of French adults and children drove itself, never dreaming that a human being with a certain religious outlook might have driven the truck murderously through the crowd celebrating Bastille Day.

Could the news sites have an inherent bias against trucks? Were they denied Matchbox cars as children? It couldn’t be because the same sites that loved the hashtag #NotAllMuslims that trended after the Charlie Hebdo attacks might be deliberately eschewing identifying the murderous terrorists as Muslims, could it?

Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro noticed something amiss:

The media, it appears, are far more interested in blaming a “truck” for a massive terrorist attack than jihadists. That’s only natural. The media have a well-known, nasty bias against trucks. Which is why we must all stand with #NotAllTrucks. Trucking has nothing to do with violence: it’s a #VehicleOfPeace.

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