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‘SORRY’: New York Times Pulls Down Its OWN Poll On Christine Blasey Ford’s ‘Credibility’

By  Joseph Curl

The New York Times has killed a Twitter poll it posted that asked people to vote on whether they found Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony “credible.”

“Christine Blasey Ford is testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee today. Do you find her testimony credible?”the poll asked.

A short time after posting the poll, the Times pulled it and wrote another Twitter post.

“We’re sorry for this tweet. In retrospect, a Twitter poll is insensitive in light of the gravity of this hearing. We’ve deleted it,” the NYT Opinion Twitter account said.

The account added another tweet in which it said said the poll was “inappropriate” as it dealt only with Ford, not the man she has accused of sexual assault, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Twitterers lit up the Times, but this one won the day.

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