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New York Times Runs Profile Of Soros, Never Mentions He Invested $3 Million In The Times

By  Hank Berrien

On Tuesday, The New York Times ran a profile of George Soros, calling him “a full-time philanthropist, political activist and freelance statesman.” As The Washington Free Beacon writes, “The piece celebrates the virtuous goals of his political spending, works to humanize him, and attempts to discredit critics of some of his controversial moves.”

Despite the fact that the positive profile of Soros ran nearly 10,000 words, one small piece of information managed to remain unsaid: Soros invested $3 million in the Times earlier this year, which had been reported by the Free Beacon‘s Joe Schoffstall last month.

It’s not as though the Times interviewed Soros after the investment had been acknowledged; Soros Fund Management LLC announced the purchase of New York Times Company stock in a May 15 filing; the Times interviewed Soros two weeks later, then again in July.

The Times profile offers statements from Soros in which he poses as a man of moral rectitude. Some examples:

“I’m standing for principles whether I win or lose,” Soros told me this spring.

Soros: “I think I must be doing something right to look at who my enemies are.”

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