New Video Shows First Responders Who Rescued Jeremy Renner’s Life After Snowplow Accident

Valerie Macon/AFP via Getty Images

New video shows the rescuers who saved Jeremy Renner after his near-fatal accident on New Year’s Day when his 14,000-pound snowplow fell on top of him as a result of a heroic effort to save his nephew.

According to a Nevada sheriff’s office incident report, the tragic incident began when Renner, 52, used his PistenBully snowcat to pull his nephew’s truck out of his driveway. Once the truck was on the street, the snowplow began “sliding sideways,” and then “began to roll down the hill,” prompting Renner to jump out without setting the emergency brake. But then Renner realized the snowplow was headed toward his nephew.

“He went up and then turned around, got out to tell me something, and then that’s when it was coming at me, like full force,” Alexander Fries, Renner’s nephew, told first responders in the newly-released video. “That’s when he tried to jump back in there, at around, right where his blood is at, that’s right where it all happened. He slipped because these tracks, there’s no way to stand on them.”

“He tried to jump on it?” a responder asked.

“He tried to jump on it and it took him under,” Fries said.

Renner underwent chest surgery after he was airlifted to the hospital; he later said he had suffered “35 or so” broken bones.

“We kept discovering them as we were going along,” Renner stated later of his broken bones. “It went from critical order, like, priority of what I’m going to die from or not. And then six weeks later, I’m finding another break and another break and another break. It just missed every vertebra, didn’t hit any organs, didn’t hit my brain, didn’t swell, nothing like that. My eye did pop out, that’s weird. I got pretty lucky that none of my organs got messed up. It pierced my liver but that wasn’t dangerous.”

“He feared the PistenBully was going to hit [his nephew], so he decided to attempt to stop or divert the PistenBully,” the Nevada sheriff’s office incident report stated. Renner tried to enter the snowplow’s cab but in order to do so he had to climb onto its moving track. He was “immediately pulled under the left side track,” the report added.


“Although the PistenBully had some mechanical issues, it is believed based on our mechanical inspection that the parking brake would keep the PistenBully from moving forward. When Renner attempted to stop or divert the PistenBully to avoid injury to Fries, he was pulled under the vehicle by the track and run over,” the report concluded.

A 911 call obtained by CNN showed a neighbor frantically calling 911, saying Renner had been “completely crushed under a large snowcat,” adding that “the right side of his chest … collapsed – upper torso is crushed.”

During the 911 call, the female operator said, “I need the address of the emergency please.”

“I told you,” the frustrated neighbor responded.

“I know, I just need to verify it, what is the phone number that you’re calling from,” the female operator insisted, adding, “What is the phone you’re calling from, just in case we get disconnected.”

“Listen to me, you might want to get lifeline out here immediately,” the neighbor said urgently, later saying, “He’s got a headwound as well. Can you give me an ETA?”

Renner was rescued and survived despite the serious injuries.

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