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New Law Requires NY Students To Observe Moment Of Silence On 9/11

By  Hank Berrien
Child places flowers on 9/11 Memorial
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Just in time for the 18th anniversary of 9/11, New York state approved a law mandating that schools observe a moment of silence on the anniversary of the attack.

The New York Post reports, “The law calls for a brief moment of silence at the beginning of the school day every 9/11 to encourage dialogue and education in the classroom among a new generation of students who weren’t alive during the 2001 terror attacks … ”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who signed the bill into law, stated, “9/11 was one of the single darkest periods in this state’s and this nation’s history, and we owe it to those we lost and to the countless heroes who ran toward danger that day and the days that followed to do everything we can to keep their memory alive. By establishing this annual day of remembrance and a brief moment of silence in public schools, we will help ensure we never forget — not just the pain of that moment but of the courage, sacrifice and outpouring of love that defined our response.”

State Sen. Joseph Addabbo and Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato, both Democrats, sponsored the law. Amato stated:

Students graduating from High School as part of the Class of 2019 were just newborns during the terrorists attacks of September 11, 2001, and soon enough there will be no students in the national public school system born at the time of 9/11. By mandating a brief moment of silent reflection every year, we may ensure that future generations will better understand this day and its significance in our history.

Addabbo added:

The average school-age citizen in New York may have no personal recollection of these events, having not yet been born in 2001, making it imperative that our public education system take the time to educate students in both the loss and heroism experienced on 9/11. By mandating a moment of reflection every year on the September 11th Remembrance Day, we are encouraging dialogue and education in the classroom, and ensuring that future generations will better understand this day and its place in history. Many families within my district were deeply impacted by the tragic events of 9/11 and I certainly had them in mind when working on this legislation … Since 2001, our country has been united through four simple words, ‘We will never forget’ and with the governor signing this measure, we can ensure that all school children will continue to keep those words active in their hearts and minds.

CBS News reported, “On Wednesday, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum will commemorate the lives lost with a ceremony honoring those killed at the World Trade Center, Pentagon and aboard Flight 93 — as well as the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. As has happened in years past, the names of those killed will be read during Wednesday’s ceremony. Last year, some families of victims infused their own, personal messages of remembrance, inspiration and concern … During the ceremony at the 9/11 Museum and Memorial, the site will only be accessible to relatives of those killed in the September 11th attacks.”

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