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NETWORK OF GARBAGE: CNN Attacks Kanye Using Dead Mom, Mental Health, Wife’s Ex-Lover

Every day is a new low for CNN.

The far-left network has launched a smear campaign against rapper Kanye West over his support for President Donald Trump, using racial slurs to attack him and suggesting that he is mentally ill.

The attack started on Tuesday when CNN host Don Lemon led a panel that mocked West — while Lemon laughed.

“Kanye West is what happens when Negroes don’t read,” CNN’s Bakari Sellers said.

CNN’s Tara Setmayer declared West to be “the token Negro of the Trump administration,” adding that “no one should be taking Kanye West seriously” because “he clearly has issues, he’s already been hospitalized.”

Not only was CNN not ashamed of the embarrassing segment, but they also promoted it on one of the network’s Twitter accounts:

On Thursday, CNN political analyst April Ryan attacked West after he visited with Trump in the Oval Office by using the man who made a sex tape with West’s wife, rapper Ray J.

“I talked to someone who is very familiar with the Kardashians, or used to be, text messaging with Ray J. You know who Ray J is, he was once close with Kim Kardashian,” Ryan said, adding that he was “a little concerned.”

CNN host S.E. Cupp also piled on, suggesting that West was mentally ill: “That was really sad. I think you had there a man who’s clearly not okay, and a president who’s willing … to exploit that.”

Lemon went even lower on Thursday evening, calling West’s appearance a “Minstrel show,” and then using West’s deceased mother to attack him, saying he was an embarrassment to the black community and that his “mother is rolling over in her grave.”

The Intercept reported on Thursday that mental health professionals have condemned CNN for using West’s prior mental health hospitalization to attack him and for stigmatizing mental health.

West said earlier this year that he wanted “to change the stigma of mental health.”

“Mental health professionals, particularly those who specialize in the effects of social stigma on individuals with mental illness, have told the Intercept that the kinds of comments aired by CNN often prevent patients from seeking the treatment they need due to the shame associated with these conditions – a fear-driven failure that frequently results in allowing these conditions to go untreated, sometimes leading to permanent depression, incapacity and even suicide,” The Intercept reported. “Worse, they said, the CNN discussion exploited, and lent credibility to, bigoted attitudes toward people who have been treated for mental health conditions, attitudes which often prevent them from finding employment or even shelter.”

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