NBC Reporter Condemns SNL Joke, Thanks GOP Vet For His Service. Leftists AREN’T Pleased.


NBC reporter Kasie Hunt learned the hard way Sunday that leftists aren’t willing to give a GOP Congressional candidate the benefit of a compliment, even when that candidate is unfairly maligned.

Saturday night, SNL cast-member Pete Davidson poked fun at Republican Congressional hopeful Dan Crenshaw, mocking Crenshaw for wearing an eye patch designed to hide a wound he received from an IED while serving with the U.S. military in Afghanistan.

Crenshaw responded to the joke by saying he could certainly handle a few harsh words about his accessory, and cautioned Americans not to give in to “apology culture.” But reporters and fellow Republicans who’ve interacted with Crenshaw — including Hunt — were quick to offer their own kind words for the former Navy SEAL.

Hunt noted that she’d interviewed Crenshaw and that she admired him for his service. She said nothing of Davidson’s joke, but suggested that we need “more” people like Crenshaw in Congress, regardless of party affiliation.

That, the Left determined, was not acceptable. Twitter users tore into Hunt, accusing Hunt of “outing” herself as a Republican and “endorsing” Crenshaw, and calling Crenshaw “dangerous” and “hate-filled.”

A number of Twitter users called for Hunt to be fired, apparently for the crime of saying something genuinely nice about a person they disagree with politically.

Hunt ended up trying to defend herself in a series of tweets outlining that she simply liked Crenshaw as a person, that her tweet shouldn’t be seen as an endorsement, but that she was offering her own perspective on a man running for Congress who’d been, perhaps, unfairly maligned. The piece she’d interviewed Crenshaw for, she explained, was a bigger piece on veterans running for Congress, and Democrats were also interviewed.

Hunt also brought up that she’d have made the same comment if the veteran being mocked was a Democrat — for example, Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth, who lost both legs in combat while serving in the Middle East.

In this back-and-forth, Crenshaw might be the best example: he took the heat, and then let it go.