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Navratilova Calls Megyn An ‘A**hole’ For Slamming Osaka. Megyn Takes Her To Court.
Megyn Kelly
Getty Images: Phillip Faraone, Paul Morigi

On Monday, former Fox News anchor and current podcast host Megyn Kelly blasted former tennis great Martina Navratilova after Navratilova called her an “a**hole” for criticizing four-time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka’s appearance on magazine covers after she refused to speak to the press at the French Open earlier this month, claiming mental health issues.

After Osaka refused to speak to the press during the tournament, she wrote on Instagram, “Anyone who knows me knows that I am introverted … Though the tennis press has always been kind to me… I am not a natural public speaker and get huge waves of anxiety before I speak to the world’s media. … I thought it was better to exercise self-care and skip the press conferences. …”

On Monday, sports commentator Clay Travis took aim at Osaka, tweeting, “Since saying she’s too introverted to talk to the media after tennis matches, Naomi Osaka has launched a reality show, a Barbie, and now is on the cover of the SI swimsuit issue.”

Kelly added, “Let’s not forget the cover of (& interview in) Vogue Japan and Time Mag!”

That prompted Osaka to issue a tweet (later deleted) targeting Kelly in which she wrote, “Seeing as you’re a journalist I would’ve assumed you would take the time to research what the lead times are for magazines, if you did that you would’ve found out I shot all of my covers last year. Instead your first reaction is to hop on here and spew negativity, do better Megan (sic).”

Osaka then apparently blocked Kelly on Twitter. Kelly fired back, “Poor @naomiosaka blocked me while taking a shot at me (guess she’s only tough on the courts.) She is apparently arguing that she shot her many covers b/4 publicly claiming she was too socially anxious to deal w/press. Truth is she doesn’t like Qs she can’t control. Admit it.”

Piers Morgan echoed, “Yep, and she just blocked me too. The only media Ms Osaka wants to tolerate are sycophantic magazine editors telling her how perfect she is.”

At this point, Navratilova chimed in. “A**hole much , Megyn?!? You have no idea what you are talking about. But go ahead- take your shot. It missed badly!!!”

Kelly took the shot and rifled one back: “Actually, being an ‘a**hole,’ as you so elegantly put it, is calling for ‘riots everywhere’ as you did after G Floyd died – while you sat in one of your mansions in zero danger. 19 ppl died in said riots – incldg David Dorn. Now you want to pretend u care about others? Please.”

Navratilova responded, referencing “Your people at Fox,”: “Wow… ok then. Go pick on somebody your size- it ain’t me and it ain’t Naomi… BTW- I was quoting MLK Jr.- as in Riot is the language of the unheard. Since your people at Fox like to quote him so much…”

Kelly, who is also an attorney, took her to court (legal, not tennis), referencing Navratilova’s comments after Osaka refused to speak to the press in which Navratilova stated, “She’s a four-time champion, she’s a tennis player, she’s a pro. You sign up for this so if the person asks you the same question that you answered before on another day, you just say, ‘Ask another question.’ You just deal with it. You just gotta…woman up here.”

Kelly fired,

What a phony. You mocked Naomi’s claims at 1st. Then the Woke came for u & u folded like a cheap tent! “Instead of publicly supporting Osaka, (Martina) said (Naomi’s) ‘is NOT a mental health issue & is a mental issue” b/4 telling Naomi to WOMAN UP.’”

Navratilova taunted, “Go be best in something in the world and then get back to me. In the meantime Blocking you for being nasty and dating to call somebody a snowflake- bye bye:).”

Kelly then delivered the sentence of the court: “You were indeed a great tennis player; as a social commentator, eh. FYI, generally not considered a sign you are winning when ‘block’ is your next move. Like running off the court crying.”

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