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Nancy Pelosi Comes Unglued, Calls Stephen Miller a ‘White Supremacist’ Who ‘Must Be Removed’

Top White House policy advisor Stephen Miller got in a bit of a tiff on Sunday with CNN’s Jake Tapper about Michael Wolff’s new book “Fire And Fury: Inside The Trump White House.”

The “interview” was a mess. Miller was combative; Tapper was rude and curt. Both sides claimed victory. But really, everyone lost — Miller, Tapper — and especially the viewers. Both sides had their own “facts,” their own “truth.” It was all pretty sad.

But never let that stop Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) from dragging it all into the abyss. She wasn’t put off by the interminably interrupting host or the aggressiveness of the petulant guest. To her, there was something more afoot — white supremacy!

Now, we watched the interview. You can watch it here. There’s not a word about race. Miller and Tapper talked about the Russia collusion “nothingburger,” the new Wolff book (which Miller called “grotesque” — several times), and Steve Bannon, whom President Trump says was fired from his White House job.

Miller, a former Bannon ally, defended Trump throughout, but there was one topic that never came up — race. So where did Pelosi’s tweet come from? Oh, who knows. The former House Speaker seems increasingly addled these days, and she decided the best way to weigh in on the debate was to scream “white supremacy.”

Twitter let her have it.

“ChockerBerryman” nailed it with his tweet.

The answer is “yes,” Chocker (if that really is you’re real name). That’s exactly the strategy. Get stuck in any argument, scream “white supremacy!”

The problem is, by screaming it day after day, the charge is losing all power. And that, ladies and gentleman, is a fact.

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