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NAACP Deeply Offended By Police Chief Posting On Facebook Wearing Trump Hair

By  Hank

After Goldsboro, North Carolina Police Chief Mike West posted a picture of himself on Facebook, altering the image so he looked like Donald Trump with golden hair and captioned, “Making Goldsboro PD Great Again!!”, the NAACP blasted the post as racist, and demanded West be disciplined and undergo diversity training.

As ABC 11 reported, the NAACP called a news conference, where Goldsboro/Wayne NAACP President Sylvia Barnes snapped, “How can something of this nature bring unity to our community? Where is the trust?”

City Manager Scott Stevens responded:

I saw nothing in it that made him racist. You could ascertain that he’s a supporter our president. And by association some people would say you’re racist if you support the president. So if he’s done anything that’s the only way that you I can see that you get there in terms of him being racist. I’ve known Mike for the past five and a half years. I’ve worked with him very closely for the last two. He’s as humble a person as you’ll ever meet.

Supporters of West created a Facebook page, writing, “Please be sure to share this page with friends and family. Let’s make this go viral and show are support for Chief Mike West and Goldsboro, North Carolina Police department and their families. His a great man and deserves respect.”

“By association some people would say you’re racist if you support the president.”

Goldsboro City Manager Scott Stevens

Stevens told ABC11 that the city does not believe there was any violation of city policy.

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