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Muslims Rape Women In Germany On New Year’s. German Minister Says Something INSANE About It.

By  Michael Qazvini

After a gang of 1,000 Muslim men viciously assaulted over 100 women on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany, some German politicians condemned “the right-wing” for its apparent “anti-immigrant” rhetoric. Yes, you read that correctly. Muslim men launched a coordinated mass rape mission against German women and authorities are berating their political opposition.

Here is the interior minister for North Rhine-Westphalia, Ralf Jaeger:

What happens on the right-wing platforms and in chat rooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women. This is poisoning the climate of our society.

He actually said that. Right-wing chat rooms are as just as bad as rape.

This is worse than a satirical sketch; it’s callous and crude. This is one-step removed from leftist self-parody; it’s leftist misogyny.

150 women have stepped forward so far, telling the police of the horrifying trauma they experienced that evening. At least 150 women were harassed, sexually assaulted, robbed, or raped.

And this is what the men in charge seem to be worried about: “right wing…chat rooms.”

“What happens on the right-wing platforms and in chat rooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women.”

Ralf Jaeger, interior minister for North Rhine-Westphalia

The interior minister’s chief concern appears to be shadowy right-wingers who say mean things online. The women who were raped can wait. “Mr Jaeger also warned that anti-immigrant groups were trying to use the attacks to stir up hatred against refugees,” reports BBC.

Earlier this week, German authorities even blamed the victims. “The mayor of Cologne, Germany suggested generated controversy this week by saying that women can protect themselves against sexual assault by keeping men at an arm’s length away,” notes The Daily Beast.

Defenseless women apparently must suck it up and weather the storm. Male Muslim “refugees” are here to stay.

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