WATCH: ‘Crap On Other People’s Lived Experience’: MSNBC Host Rants At Bill Maher For Slamming Woke Leftists
Tiffany D. Cross of The Beat DC speaks on stage during Texas Conference For Women 2019 at Austin Convention Center on October 24, 2019 in Austin, Texas.
Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images for Texas Conference for Women 2019

On Saturday, MSNBC host Tiffany Cross attacked HBO host Bill Maher after Maher criticized woke leftists.

As NewsBusters reported, Cross not only attacked Maher, saying he was “standing on [his] alabaster perch to crap on other people’s lived experience while providing a safe haven for well-established white supremacists,” she vilified former Fox News host and current podcast host Megyn Kelly, calling her a “blackface expert.”

Cross began, “Okay, Bill Maher has been whack for a long time. From his make-out session with the black face expert, Megyn Kelly, to his infamous use of the ‘N’ word on his show, for which he later apologized, and his continual mostly white weekly panels where he sings sob songs to them about the perils of the shrinking demographic and chides anyone who falls even slightly outside of his myopic, privileged view.”

“Maybe he even said something highly offensive again last night, I don’t know,” Cross continued. “I stopped suffering through that stale, clumsy monologue and painfully out of touch show a long time ago. But I did see the clipped segment of him complaining about Lin Manuel Miranda apologizing for the lack of Afro-Latino representation in his movie, ‘In the Heights.’”

Cross played a clip of Maher saying. “You’re the guy who made the Founding Fathers black and Hispanic. I don’t think you have to apologize to Twitter. I mean, he’s a Latino making a Latino movie with a Latino cast. Not good enough. Nothing is ever good enough for these people, they’re like children.”

“Okay, so I don’t know if the applause from the audience was sincere or if they were responding to the applause sign in the studio, but either way, how disappointing,” Cross theorized. “But let’s just address a few things. One, I thought it was not only gracious, but appropriate for Lin-Manuel Miranda to acknowledge that perhaps unintentional colorism in his amazing film and then apologize for it. Two, anybody find it interesting that this quote/unquote ‘liberal ally’ is sounding a lot like a moderate Fox News contributor? This is why ‘allies’ get the side eye sometimes. And, three, Bill Maher, you do not get to tell people of color what they should or should not be offended by. Stay in your lane, slim.”

“Maybe instead of trying to invoke sympathy for Sharon Osborne or making sure Tomi Lahren has a space to espouse her BS, you should have more diverse panels of people who can explain colorism to you and systemic racism and how these things still devastate people’s lives and livelihoods today,” she pontificated. “Try that instead of standing on your alabaster perch every week to crap on other people’s lived experience while providing a safe haven for well-established white supremacists.”

“Because I gotta tell you, this old angry white man act is so played,” she snapped. “I think you’re mistaking what’s happening now as a revolution, the favoring of a new system. And look, perhaps you disagree with that. But this is yet another of your perspectives that’s embarrassingly ignoring what’s happening all around you that you’re refusing to see.”

She concluded, “The truth is, what’s happening now is an evolution and you are fighting for your power and privilege to not become fossilized, while basking in the rays of your own nonexistent cleverness and comedy bits circa three decades ago. And quite frankly, it’s just offensive at this point. The country, like it or not, is changing in real time. And sadly, ‘Fake Time With Bill Maher’ is not. So perhaps it’s time for you to take a step back and blow a quarter ounce of that green that you love so much, because clearly your thoughts have been lost in a white fog for far too long.”

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