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This Is The Most Insane Facebook Post By A Male Feminist You Will Ever Read

On Monday, a California-based male feminist published an apology to women on behalf of men.

Entitled “Letter to the Divine Feminine From the Wounded Masculine,” Adam Rubin frames women as oppressed relative to and by men across human history and into the present.

Read the letter below:




I know that words can never heal the wounds we have created.

But on behalf of men everywhere, I want to say I’m sorry.

So incredibly sorry.

For everything.

The harassment.

The abuse.

The rape.

I can’t even begin to imagine the pain we have inflicted upon you.

Centuries of oppression.

Pain passed down thru generations.

Your voices silenced.

Your bodies shamed.

Your hearts assaulted.

All of pain and all of the wounds we have created, have come from our own.

The Wounded Masculine.

If you close your eyes, you will see it.

Thousands of little boys, with thousands of hurting hearts.

Staring out into the darkness, afraid.

Hurting, without being able to voice our pain. Crying, without being able to show our tears.

Asked to stand strong and toughen up.

So we bottle up our anger.

Store our confusion.

Repress our emotions.

And these little boys, lost and confused, are raised with this conditioning.

And with no space to share and process their pain, they hold it in.

Stored on a cellular level, and wanting to be expressed.

But it’s not.

So it remains stuck, and it builds up within.

And as fear-based emotions stew within, they mold into fear-based actions.




And eventually, they are released in a rage of fury upon the women of the world.

And this deafening silence is passed down from fathers to sons, one generation after another.

But it stops here.

It’s time for us as men to put an end to the oppression, and provide the divine feminine with the pure unconditional love that she deserves.

The only way we stop inflicting these wounds, is to heal our own.

And as the Wounded Masculine heals, the Divine Masculine steps forward.

Out of the shadows, and into his light.

It’s time for us to heal that which has been hidden.

To nurture that which has been neglected.

To speak that which has been shamed.

Calling forward all men to acknowledge the pain and hurt which has moved them to hurt others, and inviting them to step into a space where we share and express and heal this pain.

A safe space, where we truly listen and lead with love over fear.

So we can finally replace all the anger and abuse and violence it’s been causing, and transmute it back into our only truth:


And as we heal our own pain and come back to love, we finally provide the space for the divine feminine to heal the wounds we have inflicted upon her.

As we heal together, we rise together.

Rubin’s feminist letter includes a selfie in which he holds his hand over his chest, standing before an “I’M SORRY” inscription on the sand of a beach.

Rubin’s Facebook profile contains a plethora of feminist messaging, including a video titled Meditation for the Divine Feminine + Healing the Wounded Masculine in which he describes the #MeToo hashtag campaign as “important.” Watch it below.

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