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More Please: Civil Rights Activists Disrupt Trump-Assassination Porn

By  John Nolte

Saturday night, after civil rights activists disrupted President Trump’s staged assassination in Central Park, I was reading the attacks from those on the Right (including Ben Shapiro) who oppose this tactic, and all I saw from them was complaints, anger, and the lofty espousing of “muh principles.” What I did not see is what some might call a Plan — a plan to fight the institutional Left’s escalating campaign to silence and justify violence against us.

Honest people agree that we have exhausted our response to the Left’s ongoing boycotts, disruptions, and acts of outright violence. Our oh-so superior appeals to reason with eloquent op-eds that eloquently articulate our eloquent principles regarding free and civilized debate, have failed completely.

Honest people also agree that this elbow-patched, beard-scratching tactic has not only failed, but emboldened the Left. As they break windows, hurl eggs, shoot us, shout us down, cause havoc, and attempt to boycott our leading voices into oblivion, and we make speeches and write op-eds, the Left is pointing and laughing. As well they should. Weakness invites aggression from bullies. Standing by your principles is exactly that — standing by.

And finally, we must agree that standing by “muh principles” while the Left rains more and more hell down on us, has failed so utterly that even the institutions we are hoping to appeal to are pointing and laughing. When not inciting them, the national media either folk heroes, justifies, or ignores these thugs. Berkeley, Yale and Middlebury have sided with them. One of our two major political parties, the Democrats, has joined them.

If the plan in the “muh principles” approach is to allow that status quo to continue — oh, wait, that cannot be the plan because when it comes to the Left, there is no status quo. History informs us in no uncertain terms that by doing nothing more than lodging protests, things will only get worse. You might not want to believe that things can get worse than the media blaming Republicans for a Bernie Bro trying to assassinate 25 Republican lawmakers, or the media ignoring an everyday Trump supporter being shot at… But it can.

If the “muh principles” plan is to win elections by appealing to the “better nature” of the American voter, please take a look at who currently resides in the Oval Office. Please note that it is not one of the 16 GOP “muh principles” weaklings, but rather a street fighter, a badass who gives as good as he gets, someone who understands that the “better nature” of the American voter doesn’t involving fecklessly waving the white flag of “muh principles.”

Abraham Lincoln suspended habeus corpus. Had he fought for our principles instead of the Rebellion, Democrats would still own all their slaves.

It was not an American principle, even in 1941, to launch a virulently racist demonization campaign against an entire race of people (the Japanese). Nor was it an American principle to drop atomic bombs on cities filled with tens of thousands of women and children. But we did those things because had we done otherwise the existential war for our principles would have been lost forever.

The Civil Rights movement was not “peaceful.” Far from it. Certainly it was non-violent, but non-violence is not the same as peaceful. In pursuit of the most righteous of causes, and after decades of standing by their lofty principles, the freedom riders dropped their op-ed pens and took to the streets, ignored the law, disrupted lives, violated private property rights, openly taunted their enemies.

In other words, through the art of civil disobedience, they sued for peace.

And it is now time that we sue for peace, and do so through the art of non-violent, civil disobedience.

As a means to call attention to an injustice, it is neither an act of “silencing speech” nor “snowflakism” to enter the heart of the enemy and TEMPORARILY disrupt a monstrous gathering. To say otherwise is intellectual dishonesty. The injustice these protesters attacked has nothing to do with a snowflakey inability to handle a play, but rather the hypocrisy of a rodeo clown media sponsoring such a play and the simple fact that until these bullies feel the pain of their own tactics, the war against us will never cease.

What happened over the weekend in Central Park was in defense of our civil rights, which are under direct attack, not just by hard-left activists, but by powerful American institutions (the media, Democrats, Hollywood, corporations), those who sponsor, appease, and justify relentless attempts, including escalating violence, to silence and subjugate us.

So, to those who disagree with responding to these increasingly violent injustices against us through non-violent, civil disobedience — through disrupting assassination porn for a mere 30 seconds, I ask again …

What is your plan?

Because for years we have tried it your way …

And how’s that working out for you?

To paraphrase William Tecumseh Sherman … This form of protest is the remedy our oppressors have chosen, and I say let’s give them all they want.

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