WATCH: Pro-Trump Protesters Try To Shut Down Anti-Trump 'Julius Caesar' Production, Scream 'Nazis!' At The Audience

On Friday evening, alt-right Trump supporters invaded Shakespeare in the Park in New York City and interrupted the performance of the controversial production of Julius Caeser, screaming at the audience. As tweeted by troll Mike Cernovich, Laura Loomer of The Rebel Media charged the stage and began screaming, “This is violence against the Right!"

She was then followed by Pizzagate and Seth Rich conspiracist Jack Posobiec, who stood up from the middle of the crowd and began hollering at them, stating that they were "all Goebbels, you are all Nazis," and blaming them for the shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

This idiotic snowflake-ism was promoted widely among right-wingers. It’s disgusting, it’s unjustifiable, and it’s no different than when protesters storm the stage at my speeches at University of Wisconsin or attempt to block me at California State University at Los Angeles or chant Charles Murray into submission at Middlebury or block Ayaan Hirsi Ali from speaking on campuses or invade Heather MacDonald’s events. The minute you equate speech with violence and attempt to forcibly shut it down, you're a snowflake. End of story.

I may think this production of Julius Caesar is puerile and shallow and pandering to a far-left crowd. But to link that performance with violence is absurd. Words are not violence. Artistic interpretations that involve the current president of the United States are not violence. There is no evidence that the Congressional shooter was a viewer of this play. Even if he had been, to attempt to shut down speech you don’t like by blaming its impact on fragile minds spells the end of free speech.

This morning, I wrote that the Right was in serious danger of capitulating to the Left’s “hate speech” argument by reversing it on the Left. If the Right cheers and accepts this kind of stupid, juvenile hooliganism as a legitimate tactic in the political fight, they have no leg to stand on when it comes to defending free speech on campus or anywhere else from the leftist snowflakes who threaten it.


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