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MORE BERKELEY STONEWALLING: University Refuses To Release Tickets For Shapiro Event, Administrators Disappear When Questioned

By  Daily Wire

On Thursday, University of California at Berkeley once again threw up obstacles to Ben Shapiro’s speaking event on campus on September 14 at Zellerbach Hall. It is now August 31, two weeks out from the speech, and the university has yet to release tickets. Hoping to discuss that issue with the administration, Berkeley College Republican secretary Bradley Devlin and Young America’s Foundation activist Amy Lutz went to the Cal Performances office to meet with Rob Bean and Gina Perino. Despite YAF and BCR attempts to coordinate with the university, the university has not been able to finalize ticketing.

Devlin stopped by the offices at 12:30 p.m., but was informed that Bean and Perino were on a lunch break; when he stopped by again with Lutz at 2:00 p.m., they were told that both Bean and Perino had “left unexpectedly” for the remainder on the day. The office refused to let Devlin and Lutz know when Bean and Perino would return the next day. Devlin and Lutz were also informed that only Bean and Perino were capable of discussing the issues.

Devlin told The Daily Wire, “The university has an obligation to protect the first amendment rights of all its students. This repeated stonewalling is a tactic used frequently to stifle free speech on campus by the university.” He continued, “After attending a meeting with Rob and Gina on Monday, I was optimistic that we could continue with an open line of communication. The events of today, however, have made me deeply disappointed in the university’s lack of urgency and responsibility.”

Lutz stated, “I’m spending the day at UC-Berkeley to assist BCR students in promoting the Ben Shapiro event. It’s maddening to see these administrative hurdles in person.”

Due to Berkeley’s refusal to release tickets, YAF has opened up a link where people can register to receive information as soon as it is available; well over 2,000 people have already signed up.

Click here to sign up.

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